Can you believe we’re already into May? It feels like only yesterday we were patiently waiting in the middle of summer for our batch of Ginga iced tea to cool down! Now, as the nights are getting shorter and the weather gets colder, we find ourselves turning up those heaters and nursing a warm cup of tea. At Tea Associates, you can be sure that we know the value of a good cuppa no matter the season, and with Mother’s Day approaching, we couldn’t resist sharing ALLLL the benefits of popular herbal blend we created with women’s health front of mind.

The Tea Associates full range consists of 10 unique tea blends, five of which are herbal: Minted in Bendigo, Tallula, Bedtime Bouquet, Ruby, and Ginga.

We couldn’t possibly speak about mums, women, and females without highlighting our gorgeous herbal blend ‘Tallula’. The name of this tea is Gaelic in origin, speaking to our strong Irish heritage, and translates to ‘Lady of Abundance’. This tea is brimming with so many beautiful, nutrient rich ingredients, many of which are traditionally taken to promote health and wellbeing, especially for females.

There are nine ingredients in our Tallula tea, with meticulous time taken testing various ingredient combinations, and we are so proud of the finished product. It’s a smooth tea to drink at any time of the day, a lovely afternoon hug-in-a-cup or a comforting evening drop encouraging a peaceful night’s sleep. Whilst the ingredients of Tallula themselves are health-promoting, we know the actual ritualistic element of making and sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea promotes relaxation and stress reduction. Carving time out in our days *IS* an act of self-care independent of anything else, and we find the satisfaction really rises when we add tea!

Do you know a busy, hardworking mum that needs to take some time out? Check out Tallula’s ingredient list below to learn more about her and how she can help.


Tallula’s Ingredients Benefits
Organic Rosehip Shells These are the fruit of the rose plant, and are high in vitamin C (an antioxidant). Vitamin C is essential for collagen production and supports the absorption of Iron and Copper. Rosehip shells have a tart, slightly sweet flavour with a floral aroma
Ginger Root Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, supports our digestion, and can help with nausea. It has a spicy, slightly sweet flavour
Chaste Tree Berries Preliminary studies suggest this plant might be helpful for symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, this plant has a subtle peppery undertone
Raspberry Leaf This herb is often used to support female reproductive health. It has a slightly sweet, earthy taste
Peppermint Peppermint can support digestion and ease feelings of nausea. It has a cooling, refreshing flavour with a slight sweetness
Nettle Nettle is extremely popular in traditional medicines due to the host of beneficial nutrients, essential amino acids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals it contains. It has a slightly bitter taste with a grassy, earthy flavour
Alfalfa This is a nutrient-rich plant that contains both calcium and iron. It has a slightly sweet, grassy flavour
Red Roses Roses are often used for their relaxing and stress-reducing properties. They have a delicate, floral flavour
Goji Berries These are high in antioxidants and vitamins, and are supportive of our immune system and eye health. They have a slightly sweet and tangy flavour


Tallula tea is available in fully biodegradable and compostable teabags, and is available as a looseleaf, which pairs perfectly as a gift with a beautiful teapot or tea strainer.

So consider giving the gift of not only tea, but the gift of relaxation, stress reduction, and feelings of comfort and wellness this Mother’s Day.

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