Is your packaging environmentally friendly?2020-02-17T22:44:25+00:00

Tea Associates uses Econic which offers compostable packaging. Trials have shown that Econic bags can break down into small fragments in as little as 16 weeks. The rate of breakdown will vary depending on the compost environment, temperature and humidity.

Do you carry organic products?2020-02-17T22:43:40+00:00

Tea Associates products are sourced from a variety of Australian Organic suppliers. However, to label products as certified organic, we must hold our own certification. This is something that we plan to do in the future.

How do I learn more about shipping and return policies, including free shipping?2020-02-17T23:07:22+00:00

Please review our Shipping & Returns Policy pages.

Do you have wholesale options?2020-02-17T23:46:14+00:00

Wholesale enquiries welcome; must have ABN. Please contact us for more information.

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