Teas are about tradition and Billy Tea tradition was started by our Aussie Pioneers in the Australian Outback. Now you can enjoy a mug of authentic Australian: Bendigo Billy tea.

Traditionally brewed in a Billy Tin on a campfire. History tells us to put water in the can/tin and place over hot coals or fire; once boiled add black tea and eucalyptus leaves.

Swing the can from the knee over your shoulder in a wide circle and repeat 3 times- I can’t endorse this for safety reasons however its much simpler to enjoy this beautiful tea in the comfort of your kitchen.

Ingredients: Black tea, Fennel, Lavender and Eucalyptus leaves.

1 Teaspoon brew 3-5 minutes remove tea leaves

Drink black, milk if preferred or lemon for an extra kick!

Store in a cool, dry space.

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