Tea Tales are an important part of the beauty of tea and the feelings that surround you when you take the time to enjoy that special cuppa.

The tales can involve legends from years past, something you have been told or experienced. They may not be true, but would you like it to be ? Does it really matter, it’s what you’re thinking and maybe where you are at the time.

Is there an important part of your life, where memories are aroused when sipping a cup of tea, looking at a beautiful teacup or that elusive teapot that you only ever dreamt about. Is there a special place that you know and love?

This page is about tea tales, stories and memories that stir within; are they true; do you want them to be true? You decide!

I would love to hear about them and if you consent to them being added to this page, please feel free to send through a photo, so that we can all share your story.

Check back as we add stories and photos; maybe you have developed a recipe from using my beautiful tea blends; whether they are hot, cold, dessert style, fruit, alcohol, foods, whatever takes your fancy. Send them through and we can all enjoy the blends in a variety of exciting ways.

Use the ‘Contact’ page and the link if you would like to share. Looking forward to your tales about tea.